Saturday Delivery

Summer 2023

by Gary Peters

Saturday Delivery is my first zine. It contains nine stories and drawings I made over the last nine months. You can buy it today as a physical object or as a digital download.

Physical Object

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A limited edition of 30 copies

A5 booklet, 20 pages, black and white on 100gsm paper

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Digital Download

20 pages, black and white, optimised PDF

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In June 2022, I somehow came across Lynda Barry's book, What It Is. It's a book on writing that's full of drawings. Barry shares various methods to help you make stories. Around the same time, I also discovered her book, Syllabus. It is a collection of her teaching notes and ideas. The pages are facsimiles of her composition books; it is effectively a complete course.

Saturday Delivery is a result of working through Lynda's various writing and drawing exercises over the last nine months and completing the final activity in Syllabus.

I found the process of making Saturday Delivery exciting, challenging, enjoyable, frustrating, revealing, and rewarding.

I hope you get something positive from it too.

List of contents

Nine stories and nine drawings



The Kiss


You Are

War Poster

Eating Beans, Chips and a Sausage Roll



One of the stories for you…

The Kiss

They stood there, bold as brass, kissing. Faces bleeding into each other. He wants it more than her. He stands, and he leans in taut. She, more relaxed, leans against the baby blue Ford. It is a classic - polished and shiny. Her skin prickles with the heat of the sun. Her lips touch his. Summer lovin' happening.

His brother - younger, dark hair wet from swimming – watches, absorbed. Hands to mouth, he can't quite believe what he's seeing. Old enough to know something is happening, to feel something inside respond to the kiss. His hands instinctively come to his mouth. His blonde baby brother stands nearby, trike in hand. He wants to play on his trike and have his older brother push him.

He, too, knows this is something special, something rare and summer and far beyond his years.

In the green car, Jerry watches on. He's wanted to kiss Jo for as long as he can remember. He sits, watches, and wishes it was him. He takes solace in noticing Jo sitting back, not forward, not searching for the kiss, though she doesn't have to. He hopes (against hopes) he'll be the one kissing her soon. And he likes Daryl; it's just Jo is his love, his dreamgirl, his more-than-summer love.

Daryl's kid brother scoots up the bonnet of the car. Jerry says, "Be careful, kid". The kid smiles back as Daryl and Jo continue their kiss.